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Raiding Tiers & Requirements

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Raiding Tiers & Requirements

Post by Fontane on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:28 pm

Basic Raiding Etiquette

-Get in Vent so you can hear the Raid Leader and the team. No mic necessary.

-The three basic Raid Addons are DBM, Recount/Skada, GTFO

-YouTube the fights, learn the basics.

-Be patient, Raids can take hours.

-Be courteous to your raid team.

-Stick together, Keep it organized.

-Pay Attention to the Raid Leader.

-See the raid to the end.

Official United Horde raids are split into 3 tiers in increasing difficulty. In order for a raid to be considered “Official”, there must be a qualified C.O. with the Title EC leading the raid.

-Tier 3 Raids (T3) Casual
-Ventrilo is recommended
-Addons are recommended
-Loose ilvl requirements
-No Experience Necessary

-Tier 2 Raids (T2) Moderate
-Ventrilo is required
-Addons are required
-Loose ilvl requirements
-No Experience Necessary

-Tier 1 Raids (T1) Elite
*Special Invitation Required

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