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Events, Grouping, and Loot

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Events, Grouping, and Loot

Post by Fontane on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:28 pm

You may request to have an event put up in the in-game calendar. You are required to attend and lead your event. If you'd like to lead an event, mail your request to a C.O. in detail. Details may include, but are not limited to:

-Name of Instance/Event
-Requirements such as ilvl, Vent, or Addons

In order for a group to be considered a guild group, there needs to be a minimum number of Guildies in that group.

-Raid: 80% Guildies
-Rated BG: 80% Guildies
-Fun Run: 5+ Guildies
-Dungeons: 3+ Guildies

Loot Rules

Guild Raids:
-MS>OS>Guild or Personal Loot
-No Reserves
-BoEs go to guild
-1 win per boss unless uncontested
-Gear must be listed in the dungeon journal for your spec to roll MS

Fun Runs:
-No Reserves
-Transmog is open rolls
-Need on mount drops ONLY if you do not have it


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