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Order Information

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Order Information

Post by Archangel on Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:48 pm

Please send Razzagal-Duskwood an in-game mail letting him known that you would like a United Horde T-Shirt. Then, e-mail all of the below information to him at

Once, you've notified Razz in-game and by e-mail, you will be quoted on a minimum donation. The donation will be to cover cost and shipping. You will be directed to send your payment through Paypal at the link provided below:

Shipping Information

Last Name:

First Name:


Street Address:



Zip Code:


Shirt Information

Name: (as it will appear on shirt)

Standard or Class Colored Name: (Preview available in the United Horde T-Shirt Samples forum.)

Shirt Size SM-3XL: Click this link to view shirt sizes

Server: (Duskwood or Bloodhoof)

*All donations will go toward the purchase price of the shirt. We are a not-for-profit organization.

*Your personal information will not be shared with anyone except the United Horde Council for shipping purposes.

*The shirts are provided by United Horde as a gift. Any inquires as to a refund should be directed to the retailers of the shirt at

*United Horde is not liable for lost or damaged goods during shipping.


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